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Most common questions may be answered here. We are always here to make your product selection with ease.

  • How do I measure my fence?
    For chain link fence, measure from inside of first post to inside of last post within a fence panel. Our Privacy Fence Screens are made with four inches less than the size of the fence. It is made for a tight and wrinkle-free fit.
  • Do Fence Screens come with grommets?
    Yes! All our Privacy Fence Screens come with metal grommets on all four sides. Each grommet is approximately 24 inches apart.
  • What do I use to attach the Fence Screen to my fence?
    You have two options for fastening the screens to any fence. 1. UV Rated Heavy Duty zip ties are the simplest way to attach a screen to any fence. Since the screen can be stretched, there will be no problem making the zip ties as tight as possible. 2. Steel Hog Rings can also be used to secure a Fence Screen to a fence. It is used primarily for a chain link fence. Hog Ring Pliers are needed to properly attach a hog ring to the fence. This would be a more permanent installation.
  • Can I wash the Fence Screens?
    Our Fence Screens are water resistant and can withstand extreme temperatures. If you find your screen has collected dust, simply hose down your screen. Since each Fence Screen is knitted, it will dry with ease.
  • How long does my order ship out from your facility?
    We stock and ship all our inventory in our warehouse, where we pack and ship out the same day. We partner with most common carriers so your order will arrive in a timely fashion. A tracking number will also be provided once the order is shipped out where you can track online. For small orders we ship out with UPS or FedEx. Tracking information will also be provided once the package is picked up.
  • I need instructions on how to install my Fence Screen
    Please download our easy installation steps below
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