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Fence Screens


Our SERIES 145HD is constructed with HDPE material with UV inhibitors to withstand any harsh weather conditions. It provides 85% blockage, perfect for dust control. Hemmed and bounded with metal grommets on all four sides, approx. every 22" apart, allowing ease of installation and strength.

Sizes Available:

  • 4'8" x 50'

  • 5'8" x 50'

  • 7'8" x 50'

 Smaller sizes also available for single panels​

Colors Available:

  Dark Green    Black    Beige/Tan

  Navy Blue      Dark Brown


Similar to our 145HD, but even thicker in material and composition. These screens are suitable for long-term projects with even longer durability and coverage. With a 90% blockage, your construction site will be safer by limiting visual access. Grommets are heavy brass metal for longer lifespan. Perfect for the harshest weather conditions.

Sizes Available:​

  • 5'8" x 50'

  • 7'8" x 50'

Colors Available:

  Dark Green    Black

  Navy Blue      Beige/Tan


These raw rolls are excellent for privacy, dust control, and concealment for any outdoor area. The material stretches tight for a wrinkle-free fit. You can easily unfold and attach onto any fence that stretches across long distances.

Constructed with 145GSM material for an economical solution for creating privacy on any construction job site.

Sizes Available:​

  • 5'8" x 100'

  • 7'8" x 100'

 ​Colors Available:

  Dark Green    Black     Beige/Tan

  Royal Blue      Dark Brown

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