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Our RHINO Sound Shield is designed and produced for one purpose, to protect workers and make job sites a safe place to work. These portable acoustic shields and enclosures use high quality materials and also are designed to enhance the look of any job site.


RHINO Sound Shields are designed for easy transportation, easy installation, and no maintenance. When not in use, you can roll them up for easy storage, and with its lightweight, a single person can carry multiple units at once.

  • Waterproof - Heavy Duty PVC front-facing layer and noise absorbing back-facing inner layer allows the user to hose down the unit to keep the Sound Shield clean.

  • Fire Retardant - Each unit is constructed with Fire retardant materials so it will not catch fire and will withstand high temperatures.

  • Weather Resistant - You can use these Sound Shields at extremely high or low weather conditions, making them versatile and user friendly.

  • Lightweight - Each unit only weighs 14 lbs making it the lightest in the market. Each RHINO Sound Shield measures 95" x 52" making them a perfect fit for any 8 feet tall fence.

  • Environmental Friendly - No chemicals or harmful materials were used to produce our RHINO Sound Shields.

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Tests show key results for noise reduction and noise absorption at various noise frequencies

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